Who should attend Classroom Intensives?

Classroom Intensives are thought-provoking professional learning workshops for PreK-12 educators. Teachers, principals, and administrators from all types of school settings are invited to attend.

Do I have to pay to attend Classroom Intensives?

Thanks to the generous support of the Morgridge Family Foundation, some of Classroom Intensives are offered for FREE.

When can I register?

Registration opens approximately six weeks prior to the event. We recommend that you register no later than one week before the event in order to reserve a seat in your preferred sessions. Depending on availability of sessions, last-minute registration is typically accepted.

How will I know that I have successfully registered?

Our application system, hosted by Cvent, will send you an automated email confirmation. Please keep that email so that you have a record of the sessions that you registered for.

Do I have to register for Classroom Intensives ahead of time?

Yes. Use the registration link on the home page to select the sessions you wish to attend.

If I change my mind, can I switch sessions and attend a different Classroom Intensive?

Yes, you can change your session selections at any time. The registration confirmation email you receive will contain a unique registration number that you can use to log back into the system and make adjustments.

How many Classroom Intensives will I be able to attend?

Typically, our schedule allows you to choose between three to four one-hour sessions for the day. Sometimes, depending on content, presenters need more than an one hour session. In these cases, a two- or four-hour immersion session may be offered. These sessions are listed separately in the registration system.

How long are Classroom Intensives?

Sessions are typically one hour long, however, some two-hour sessions may be available.

How many people can attend a Classroom Intensive?

An average session can accommodate up to thirty-five people.

Is food provided?

Depending on the schedule for the day, Share Fair Nation sometimes provides a full, catered lunch or breakfast for all participants. Some of our locations may provide snacks and refreshments throughout the day depending on our new schedule format.

What do I need to bring?

You are encouraged to bring a mobile device, as some presenters will share online resources and provide time to explore them. All materials and supplies for the session will be provided.

Will I have mobile internet access?

Yes. Share Fair Nation works with our host site to ensure Wi-Fi availability throughout the venue. We encourage you to share your photos and comments the day of the event:

Where do I go for more information?

Once you have registered, you will receive information and updates via email and on our Share Fair Nation app. We encourage you to download the app for the most up-to-date information both before and during the event. You can also check our website for event updates.

What if I still have a question?

Email us at support@sharefairnation.org!

Lifelong Learners

Who should attend STEMosphere®?

STEMosphere® is a FREE hands-on, brains-on expo where kids, parents, educators, and members of the local community can interact with STEM education leaders and innovators. There is something for everyone, and learners of all ages are encouraged to attend.

How much does STEMosphere® cost?

Thanks to the generous support of the Morgridge Family Foundation, STEMosphere® is completely FREE.

What are the hours for STEMosphere®?

The hours vary by city, but typically run from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Do I have to register for STEMosphere® ahead of time?

We highly recommend that you register and select the time frame that you wish to attend ahead of time in order to secure a ticket. Use the registration link on the home page to register.  Walk-ins are welcome, but are limited by ticket availability.

How will I know that I have successfully registered?

You will receive your ticket(s) from Eventbrite via email.

What if I forget my ticket or don’t have one?

We do admit individuals on a walk-in basis, but it is highly recommended that you register and bring your ticket with you.

Will there be food?

At most venues there are concessions and/or similar alternatives such as food trucks where food and beverages are available for purchase.

What if I still have a question?

Email us at support@sharefairnation.org!

Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials

  • Share Fair wasn’t a “sit down and get it” type of event for teachers, which is what we usually get. It was more of a “here, try it out and tell me what you think,” which modeled what the classroom should be like – inquiry [based]…student-driven and…engaging.

    Michelle P.
    Life Science Teacher – Orlando, FL
  • What I saw will forever change my view of what it means for my students to be “college ready” and “21st Century Learners.” Overall, the Share Fair was an amazing experience. I met some of the most intelligent and energized people I have ever known. It was a weekend that definitely changed my perspective on what my students should and can be doing.

    Alyssa A.
    5th Grade Science Teacher - Charlotte, NC
  • Share Fair is an amazing hands-on experience for teachers of all grade levels and subjects. The presenters are experts in their fields and provide great learning experiences to take back to the classroom to share with students and other colleagues. Thank you so much for bringing together such a great group of educators and sharing so many fantastic ideas.  I cannot wait to attend the next conference.

    Danielle C.
    Teacher – Cocoa, FL
  • I’ve attended two Share Fairs [and] felt like royalty each time. When you are a teacher you are always giving, so when you are on the receiving end you feel special. Thanks to [Share Fair Nation] for believing in, supporting, and investing in teachers. The gift they are giving will truly keep on giving.

    [This is] an opportunity to learn the most recent, best teaching practices…while collaborating with other professionals…I would encourage educators to come whet their appetites for learning at future Share Fairs. I can’t imagine that anyone would leave Share Fair unsatisfied.

    Sheli G.
    Elementary School Teacher – Sebring, FL
  • Thank you for providing this day of great resources…There were opportunities to connect with teachers and think about redesigning the classroom in each session. There were a lot of ways that teachers were asked to keep pushing the boundaries. Thanks for keeping us on the cutting edge!

    Maria Z.
    3rd Grade Teacher - Rockingham County, VA
  • Share Fair Nation presents the world of today with lessons that will effect our future. The ingenuity, creativity, and problem solving solutions that were evidenced in each presenter left our faculty on fire, [wanting] to explore ways to implement what we experienced. Thank you.

    Martha R.
    Principal - Indiantown, FL
  • I can’t say enough about the fantastic Share Fair Nation! My colleagues and I learned many new ways to engage our learners for maximum understanding, as well as enjoyment. Not only that, the whole vibe of the Share Fair Nation is one of celebrating us, the educators. From the numerous choices of intensive classrooms, to the unbelievable free lunch, to the many opportunities to win fabulous prizes, Share Fair Nation reminds us we are doing important work and we should be treated as such.  Thank You, Share Fair Nation!

    Christine P.
    Educator – Clermont, FL
  • I observed a phenomenal school that focuses on STEM, flipped classes, and problem based learning. I am inspired by the possibilities…I see that I can go so much farther with technology than what I’ve been doing. I see that I can go much farther with engaging students and providing them with authentic learning opportunities that will engage them and get them hooked on learning forever. I am pumped to incorporate what I learned into my units for next year.

    Aniko Z.
    5th Grade Nonfiction Teacher - New York, NY
  • I have been teaching for over 20 years and this is my favorite event of the year. I went last year and brought friends from other schools this year. I love that it is on a Saturday and I do not have to get a sub for my class. I love that I learned something the first hour I was there. When you have been teaching as long as I have it is rare to learn new ideas at workshops. By the time I attend a workshop it is usually old information. I consider any workshop I attend a success if I learn one thing. I learned several here. I cannot wait until next year.

    Shelli C.
    Kindergarten Teacher – Orlando, FL
  • It was a truly pleasant and informative day. I enjoyed meeting like-minded teachers and professionals from across the country. I am excited to try out the things I learned. I told my students just wait till you see what we do next. I will be integrating the many things I learned into our personalized learning days. You’ve just given my students a whole new range of choices.

    Karol H.
    4th Grade Teacher - Big Island, VA
  • [At Share Fair I was finally] provided with the materials I need to effectively bring technology into my science classroom. This opportunity both challenged and inspired me, and I am ready and thrilled to work with my school and the amazing educators I met in Denver to provide our students with a new and innovative learning experience.

    Christina F.
    5th Grade Science Teacher - San Jose, California
  • What a fantastic opportunity to get resources and ideas that I can take back to my classroom and use the next school day. The presenters are excellent – both experts in their field and understanding the day in and day out needs of classroom teachers.

    Ginny G.
    5th Grade Teacher – Orlando, FL
  • The event was filled with wonderful sources of information that can be used with all levels of ability. The instructors offered multiple ideas to use in so many environments. I would recommend the event to all might have the opportunity to attend.

    Ronetta C.
    Elementary School Teacher - Ocala, FL

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